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"Error is all around us and creeps in at the least opportunity. Every method is imperfect."

-Charles Nicolle

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The Art of Scientific Investigation: Book Review

The Art of Scientific Investigation by W.I.B. Beveridge Published: 1957 (reprinted 1970) Free eBook: “Scientific research is not itself a science; it is still an art or craft.” – W.H.[…]

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An Introduction to Food Colloids

    An Introduction to Food Colloids The 2018 Food Colloids Conference was held this week at the University of Leeds in the UK. It was an amazingly well organized[…]

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Food Colloids Conference 2018

    The 17th Food Colloids Conference: Application of Soft Matter Concepts The Food Colloids Conferences is a biennial event concerning the physical chemistry of complex foods, with the aim[…]

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