Welcome to the blog of Robust Science. My name is James Curtis, and I am a research scientist.


“The research worker remains a student all his life.” – W.I.B. Beveridge


I have always been a believer in continuous learning. One of the best techniques for learning is by doing so with the intent of passing on the information to others. I have often found that I can gain a better understanding and better knowledge retention when I try to teach what I have learned to others. However, it is often difficult to find someone willing and interested enough for it to be effective. I have created this blog as a place where I can capture the new things I learn, and practice sharing that information with interested people.

I hope you will find something useful and interesting!



About me:

I am a chemistry & food science graduate with a broad interest across many subjects, ranging from science and philosophy, to Vietnamese/Chinese cooking, motorcycle restoration, and PC gaming. Although I grew up in the “Deep South” (New Orleans & Houston), much of my adult life thus far has been in the United Kingdom. My wife, Tran, is a British-born Vietnamese (which explains my interest in Vietnamese food and why I now live in the UK) and I have two sons, Nicky and Teddy.